Xbox One Bundles

Microsofts newest baby the Xbox One is the “All in One Entertainment System”

Fully Harnessing the power of the cloud, Xbox One automatically saves all your games so you can easily access them as soon as you sign into Xbox Live.

One of the big draws for the Xbox One is the aforementioned and much lauded entertainment capabilities.

By connecting your Xbox One up your satellite or cable box you can watch your tv through your console. Not only that but you can then watch tv and play games at the same time! side by side.

Amazingly you can go straight from a race in Forza Motorsport 5 to watching House of Cards on the Netflicks app, and when you return back to Forza you’ll be straight back in the action where you left off. Even if you were in the middle of a race.

The new and improved Kinect comes bundled with your Xbox One and this time around is much more than a gimmick.

Voice control your tv, Skype with friends with the 1080p camera, unique user home screen thanks to the kinect voice recognition.

Get the Titanfall bundle to be ready to play the hottest game on the newest console straight out of the box.

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