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Star Wars Console Bundle dated


The 3rd of April 2012 is the date that all Star Wars loving Xbox fans should mark down in their diaries, as this is the date that the Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 console will be released.

Coinciding with the release of the new Star Wars Kinect game, this R2D2 / C3PO inspired design is sure to attract a lot of attention (and no doubt be traded on EBay for at least twice the price in years to come!).

ss_preview_COD_Bundle.jpg 2

Limited Edition Modern Warfare 360 Announced


Following on from the Star Wars Xbox 360 and the Gears of War 3 Limited Editions, Microsoft has today announced that yet another Limited  Xbox 360 is in the works Рthis time for the best-selling Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise.

Like the other Limited Editions, the MW3 branded 360 comes with a slightly larger HD than the non-Limited versions, sporting a 320GB HD.

Keep checking back on Console Bundles for more details on the Modern Warfare 360 bundle – including pricing information and a release date when we get it.

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