Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle

Perhaps the most memorable redesign of a console in the history of gaming, the Limited Edition Star Wars 360 bundle is going to be hard to resist for fans of the movies.

Featuring a case styled after R2-D2 and a gold controller in the style of C3PO, this special release to celebrate the Kinect Star Wars game, also comes with an increased HD size of 320GB over the standard 250GB ‘normal’ Xbox.

Xbox 360 - Console Slim 320 Gb Incl. Kinect Sensor + Kinect Star Wars, White (limited Edition) (Amazon) Amazon Logo


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Xbox 360 320gb Star Wars Kinect Console With Kinect Star Wars - Limited Edition (xbox 360) (Amazon) Amazon Logo


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+ 2 others available from Amazon
Microsoft 320gb Xbox 360 Slim - Star Wars Limited Edition - Game Consoles (xbox 360, Multi, 802.11b, 802.11g, Ibm Powerpc, Dvd, 50/60 Hz) (Amazon) Amazon Logo


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New Microsoft Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle 320 Gb (Consoles and Gadgets) Consoles and Gadgets Logo


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